God’s Story in Your Life

Many ask about God’s testimony in our lives. They want to know the end of the story. They want to know how God cleaned up the mess, made everything alright again, how pain stopped, suffering ceased. We want things tidy, we want the mess to be mopped up and order restored. Truth is, our story won’t end until we take our last breath. I can speak of a season. I can draw you in to a time when there was much loss though God was gaining our hearts and attention. I can recall the sweet redemption, the healing and mercy that was extended and covered us. But I cannot speak of an end to the story no more than Moses could say that the day the Israelites walked out of captivity under the harsh hand of Pharaoh was the end for the nation of Israel. Rejoicing, a million people made an exodus to a promise-filled future..however, before sand filled back into their fresh footprints a vengeful and vicious army backed them against the Red Sea. They were faced with adversity immediately after God’s display of miracles. They were either going to continue to trust in that same God or they weren’t. A wondering for forty years, commandments written by the hand of God, rebellion, rejoicing and repenting…the story continued on and on for them.


It’s still being written. The children of God still find that they are in the midst of an ongoing epic that God has ordained.

We pray, we plead, we believe that if only….if only God would move what we so desperately need Him to move…then finally, we could rest, exhale a much needed sigh of relief…have a sense that it’s over…bringing us to rest and lie in those peaceful green pastures. As I prayed for years, “Lord, bring this trial to an end!” As the children of Israel cried out, “Lord, rescue us from bondage!” The Lord delivered my family and He delivered the descendants of Abraham but as their story did not end in the hot sands of the desert, neither did ours as we stood once again, at the marriage alter.  God does not reach our hearts and souls after the mess is cleaned up and all is neat and tidy again. It is in the midst of the on-going hard things in this fallen world where we find a longing to reach up to Him. God had a purpose for the pain during that time in our life. There is still a purpose as we will continue to face hard things.

In our story, God did do a powerful work in our hearts and lives. He did restore. He was faithful to redeem but that wasn’t the end. He is still redeeming, He is still working. It’s just that now we better understand grace and how much mercy God has chosen to pour out to us. We still have those days. We still call out to Him asking for those “if only” requests.

We will never come to the end of a wanting heart because we were meant to continually crave God. We weren’t meant to be satisfied by this world…not our children, not our husband, not our victory over addiction, not our career, not our social status, not our religion. We were meant to be satisfied only by an intimate relationship with God – who has been creating, trailing and allowing our stories since Creation.

We each have a story but it is part of a one that is much broader with an eternal perspective. All of our stories since Adam and Eve through Abraham, the children of Israel, to the disciples, early church and to us today…it is all one cumulative picture…one of redemption by a Savior who came to save and who will one day wrap up all the stories once and for all.

For God so loved the world…



May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!