Sometimes, husbands still walk away

It is good to align your life and actions with Biblical principles. It is good when a woman desires to love and nurture those in her household with the love of Christ. It is glorious when a woman, in a difficult marriage continues to have the attributes that we see in the Proverbs 31 woman. But truth be known, sometimes, husbands will still walk away, remain unsaved or harsh.

In all that we attempt in our lives – living out the fruits of the spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control…we cannot control other human beings. We cannot shake them into redemption or repentance. We can love them, be an example to them and certainly pray for them. Therefore, sometimes a Godly woman will have a husband who walks away. Or, a couple that has tried in every way they can to raise a child to love Christ will have the ache of watching that child make bad choices and walk the opposite way of faith.

All isn’t in vain, however, we are called to live out our faith – with action and peace. We do what we can and we trust God. Ultimately, we must have the constant realization that we are not in control…of much of anything in our life.  Though we desire a Godly husband, children and life, sometimes, others will disappoint and cause much chaos in our lives. Though we continue to walk as a virtuous woman…still sorrow will come.

All this is to say: The single most passionate pursuit of our life must be the pursuit of Christ. Of course we are to continue to be virtuous, loving, patient, prayerful –  but everything and everyone at some point in time on this earth will disappoint you. We are called to remain in the race, but we are to have our eyes on the finish line.

I wrote a blog post about my great-aunt Helen (A Virtuous Woman, Who Can Find). I spoke of her unique and enduring tenacity of faith. She suffered much – and most of it, to us, really didn’t make much sense. She lost a husband and two sons in great tragedies. Though her heart ached with sorrow – she pursued that ONE THING that would ultimately be the only thing that allows lasting peace. She pursued an intimate relationship with Christ.

For those of you who are battling hard things in your life – it doesn’t mean that your efforts are pointless and it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care. You who are in the trenches right now, feeling so overrun with the trials of the world – but you do have the blessed opportunity to be the Helens’ of tomorrow. You sit in a place where others are watching – how you respond, how big you believe your God to be. My great-aunt Helen had a profound impact on those around her. She was the greatest living testament of God’s faithfulness to so many people. It wasn’t because her life was easy, but rather because her life was so very hard – but oh, how did she shine!

Pursue, with passion, your Savior, He longs to drench you with His peace.

Trust God with the depth of your circumstance.

Know that He is using you to be light to a dying and decaying world.

Rest in the fact that this trial, this hardship, even this life, will not last forever.






May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!