Amid the Chaos of our World and Minds

Since mid-September when my daughter’s appendix ruptured while she was twenty some weeks pregnant our lives have been on hold so that we are available to serve her and her family. Several hospitals stays, bed rest and lots of doctor visits later…we are awaiting the arrival of our miracle baby. Lord willing, Kristen will deliver baby Evelyn soon and can then, a few weeks postpartum, finally have surgery to remove the appendix. It’s been a long road indeed but we are so beyond grateful and in awe of God’s hand of protection over our daughter and our unborn granddaughter.

Every doctor, specialist…anyone medically involved has been clear, “The fact that Kristen and especially baby Evelyn survived is a complete miracle.”

We trust God’s hand and we also know we aren’t done with this yet. So, we continue to ask for and be thankful for your prayers on their behalf.


And while we’ve been busy with life so much has taken our attention in other directions. Others have been deeply moved, mourning the loss of loved ones at the hands of evil. Sons and daughters hearts have turned cold. Fathers have walked away. Corruption is prevalent, fear is lurking, uncertainty (with good reason) is smoothening our tomorrow’s.

As shocking as it was sorrow-filled, the absurd murder of a pastor’s pregnant wife was in an area that is less than an hour from my home. It didn’t make sense. Neither does the aftermath of mass killings…too much to wrap our brain around. We banter back and forth about what we should and shouldn’t do, we have opinions, strong ones. A sense of urgency creeps into our peaceful lives and we feel unrest, uneasy and untrusting. It’s seems as if the world, the fallen world is unraveling. Accounts of terrorists attacks, ISIS, economic doom, extreme hatred hurled at God’s chosen nation -Israel and chaos spinning exponentially has created a “normal” background noise that fosters even more hatred as we attempt to defend our opinions and fear as we are overwhelmed with what might be coming.

The changes that have taken place in my life time are staggering. The changes that have taken place in the last decade or even last five years are staggering. Ever-shifting and for the most part, shifting towards a down-ward spiral.

But what hasn’t changed and what will not change is the WORD OF GOD.

Who isn’t effected and who isn’t worried or anxious is GOD ALMIGHTY.

Does He see? Of course. Does He hear the cries of His people? Of course.

Does He have a plan for all of this mayhem?

He does.

We don’t have to know His timing or His means but we can cling to His Word and in His WORD He has been clear that He will defeat the enemy, the evil and the sword that slays.

He’s already defeated death and the grave. He’s already marked time with the defining moment when the Sacrificial Lamb – who was the Redemption of Mankind rose from the dead.

With all the news, all that our family has gone through, with all of your struggles and sorrows and worries and all that seems to prevail in the form of evil in the world…

it is not THE NEWS.

The GOSPEL is still the GOOD NEWS.

It hasn’t been diminished. It hasn’t lost it’s power. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave is still in us – the believers of Christ.

The same God who spoke stars into existence and breathed breath into the dust of the earth to create man is the SAME GOD WHO SITS ON THE THRONE!

He has not changed.

He has not moved.

Nothing and none of this comes as a surprise to Him. He has not been caught off guard. He is still WORTHY OF YOUR PRIASE as HE IS HOLY.

We can bicker back and forth about what to do and how to do it. We can still speak our opinions on how to handle things…and we should – after all, God gave us a brain, discernment and His wisdom. BUT it is GOD who will ultimately defeat evil.

All that we see and know will cease to exist. All of it. Everything that you have worked so hard to protect and possess. The only thing that will last is the Word of God and the souls that have bowed to the cross. It doesn’t mean we cease to live in this world, it doesn’t mean we throw up our hands with an attitude of, “What’s the use?” God didn’t desire that we simply lie down and play dead. He desires that we seek Him in what we should do and when. For those who do not seek Him, we pray…we pray, knowing God’s hand has not lost control and all authority.

Perhaps we are getting a closer glimpse of the above reality – perhaps we’ve been awakened to the fact that this world is not our home. Perhaps we’ve been jolted off our self-thrones enough to see that we cannot defend or save ourselves. We are a needy, evil lot of people. We are in need of being saved. We are in need of a Savior.

How grateful I am that I can rest in and trust mine.

He’s watched the rise and fall of empires. He’s torn down kingdoms and allowed them to be raised up. He was there in the beginning and will be there for all of time. How then, can I trust in anything else. Whom have I in heaven but you oh, Lord?

And He will be the one who steps onto that final battlefield and simply speaks…

and evil will be no more.

The Gospel is still the most prevalent, lasting, important news of the day my friends. Don’t forget that in these days of unrest.

Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last,┬áthe Beginning and the End.”

Rev. 22:12-13




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!