n the book of Acts, chapter three, Luke describes a man, who for over forty years, has been crippled. Daily, he is carried to the temple gate that is called Beautiful.  Beautiful in the Greek is horaios which means:

belonging to the right hour or season, flourishing, beauteous – beautiful.

That man would have been sitting there when Jesus had walked past the gate.  Jesus could have spoken one word and the man would have been healed. Yet, Jesus did not heal him.  It wasn’t time yet.  It wasn’t the right season.

It wasn’t until that afternoon, that is described in the third chapter of Acts, when Peter and John were going to the temple to pray – when this man’s life forever changed.

Forty years. Forty years of sitting, being carried, longing to walk, run, have mobility. Forty years of hoping and waiting. Being crippled in those days didn’t mean social security or disability, it meant begging to survive. There were no wheelchairs and facilities to help you…you were at the mercy of the mercy of others.

With his limp and lifeless legs, the man sits as he has for years, begging. For all he knew, it was a day just like any other day…hoping for enough to sustain himself for one more hour… one more day, one more week, month and year of eaking out a harsh life.

The man reached out to Peter and John, asking for money as he had thousands of times before to any and all who passed by. There were two men, hopefully one would have compassion.  He was hopeful that they would toss him a coin, perhaps two.

He never expected to be restored.

It was the moment, ordained by God for his healing.

Silver and Gold they did not chose to give to him.  No, Peter and John would give him something else.  They looked right at him. They didn’t ignore, keep walking or toss something his way quickly as they passed by. They stopped in front of him. Peter took hold of his hand and spoke words that no one ever dared to speak.

Peter told the man to get up and walk.

It was a bold move and  it was the Holy Spirit within Peter. In the name of Jesus the man was healed.

The man stood up. In the name of Jesus the man who had waited at the place that represented the right hour or season was restored. Though from birth he’d been unable to use his feet, his ankles and feet were miraculously made strong – so much so that the man could jump up and down – all while praising God!

At just the right time, for just the right purpose, when God would be most glorified

He was healed.

Forty years is a long time. How long have you waited at the gate for your answer to prayer? How long have you sat with limp and lifeless hope, not expecting to be restored?

At just the right hour, just the right season…something becomes beautiful.

horaios:  belonging to the right hour or season, flourishing, beauteous – beautiful.









May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!