Choose This Day Who You Will Serve



You have a choice today: You can either treat your spouse like he/she is a child of God or, you can choose to act as if you are an only child.

Yes, you are a beloved child of God. So is your spouse.

Even when they have said mean things to you.

Even when they have disappointed you.

Even though you don’t understand them, don’t want to consider their point of view.

Even when you aren’t sure if you have love for them anymore.

God loves them.

God care about them.

What you do to them, you actually do unto the Lord.

You have a choice today: You can either please man (yourself) or you can please God…when we are interested in pleasing man, we can not please God.

Find it difficult? We all do, that’s why God says to you, “Ask me to help you.”

You have a choice today: You can a choose for your marriage to portray holiness or you can choose to portray what has marred it for so long – bitterness, fear, control, anger, selfishness, etc.

You have a choice today and God would desire that you choose to see your spouse as His beloved child.

But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!