Created for a Purpose

I slid my kayak through the shallows, past the tall reeds and the deer tracks. Warm on my feet, the pristine water was a clear window to the world below the surface. Finally out far enough, I took my seat and began to paddle, the morning mist was still burning off. It was completely silent except for the water dripping from my short strokes. Completely alone on a vast lake with not one human in sight, no jets skating above nor car engines invading, I was a minuscule observer in this wilderness. 

As the sun rose higher, it revealed that even in the deeper water, I could see the details below. I sat, still. I was enveloped in this stunning place.  I felt so small. But this time I didn’t feel small and unloved. I didn’t hear the whispers of doubt. I was drenched in God’s love for me. I was hemmed in by the dense fog of his endless and loving thoughts toward me. My soul had been lead to the quiet waters of His peace.

Hundreds of  barely there tracks below in the sandy bottom lead to tiny shells. These were the little screwed-up kind. These were the ones that are usually buried, or left behind. They were not the majestic clam shells with their silvery outsides and their translucent insides. In comparison, these were hardly to be noticed. But I saw their roads swirling and twirling in the clean bottoms. I saw their world in the calm, still waters. Weeks before while speed and fishing boats tossed  rolling white caps like waves of ripe grain their hard earned maps lie forgotten below.

I’ve felt like life was passing me by. I’ve felt insignificant, unnoticed, too plain, too ordinary. Unlike the ones that shine, that seem to be able to portray majesty in their beauty. I’ve listened to the whispers, “You don’t have anything to offer.”  “You aren’t perfect, so why are trying to minister to others.”  Too many times, too much deception, believing the vicious attempts from the enemy of my Creator.

But today, my mind was clear, focused on His Word, focused. Today, I had the golden opportunity with silence. I was alone with the tiny shells creating their pathways below.

I know how it feels little twisted shell tossed about by the waves and storms.

You seem to be overrun by giants, but you are safe and you are beautiful in your delicate design – each of you quite unique.

God sees you. How proud He is of His blazing sun, His waxing and waning moon, His endless galaxies and glorious mountain heights…what delight you must bring him, little shell. His mighty hand caressed you into being. His eye seeing details no human eye could see.

What love He has for you…though others skim over the top of you, your little roads rarely seen. What delight He takes in your diligent and steadfast work. No complaint you seem to utter, you know your purpose. You are satisfied with what God has created you to be. You don’t attempt to be the translucent clam shell or the reeds reaching to the clouds, or feel envy towards to free flowing waves. You are content knowing that God created you for His purpose, for His glory.

I want to be satisfied, too tiny shell. I want to be content with my ordinary ways – how God formed me so that I may fulfill the purpose He has for me.

When we understand why we were created, we have contentment with our Creator.

You were created for a purpose.





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!