I find in my own life that no matter how old I get, no matter how much I study The Word of God, no matter the length of time that I know the Lord as my Savior, I cannot hear this enough, I cannot be soothed by it enough. There are those moments for every one of us when we look around at the circumstance and even if for a moment, doubt and fear rises the question in our heart: “God, are you still with me, do you see me?” Even if we know the truth of God’s Word, fear, trial, testing, can crowd out that truth…in those times when we endure over a long period of time, the weariness can create a sense that you are in the battle trenches alone. When we aren’t that familiar with what God has to say to us through His Scriptures…then we are tossed about like the cold, crashing, suffocating waves of a stormy sea.  When life is hard, when you’ve been wounded, when you stand at a cross section uncertain of which way to go, when you feel that your life will just be survived, not fully lived, when past wounds, failures and rejections sting…when you don’t feel loved, not certain if God sees you, when you question your purpose, your very existence…then perhaps you’ve said something similar to this…

I know that you are a God who cannot be measured nor fully understood. I watch in awe as the sun sets and as the stars you cast emerge from the darkened sky. I hear the thunder as it shakes the ground. I see the magnificent evidence of your power all around me. I know you as Creator. I do not doubt Your Omnipotence, I do not doubt that you are Holy God. I know you knew of me before the foundations of the earth.I know that you are my Creator, and it is only because you allow it, that my lungs take in life-breath and my heart pumps my life blood.

But, God, do you see me?

Your Word tells me of a love that you have for me. Sometimes, I think that love isn’t speaking directly to me – sometimes, I think its for everyone else. It’s for those people who have it all together, those in ministry, those who don’t seem to question, they are sure of your care for them.

At times I feel like I’ve so disappointed you, Father, like I am that mediocre child that really that will never measure up to what you had hoped. Though I want you to see me, rescue me, I want to keep some things hidden. I know you see everything…but I do not want you to look upon the shame of my sin. Maybe I question if you see me because at times, I’m not so certain that I am loved by you. I don’t deserve your love and yet, sometimes, I don’t think I deserve my burdens and sorrows.

At times, I’d rather you not see me.

Where has my passion gone? Where life was once over-flowing, is now a parched and barren wasteland. The thirst-quenching tributaries to my soul appear to have dried up.How is it that I feel so far from the purpose for which I was created? Where have I gone, where have I wandered to? I don’t know how to get back if I even knew the way in the first place. Is is too late, is this just what my life has become? Do You have more for me, God?

Do you see me, Lord? Do you see me as I struggle?I want to know joy in my heart, contentment for my soul, healing for my mind.

Do you see me as I am afraid to imagine, afraid to think? Do you see my faint heart?

I know that you are the Author of Life, but do you see me, Lord?

I know that you gave me the most perfect, most beautiful gift by tearing your own flesh for my sake. I know that you are Beginning and End and I inherit your kingdom because of your grace…but God I want to really know who I am in you…me, personally, not mankind, not all the world for all eternity…God, I need to know about today.

If your heart ever utters the words above, then consider joining us starting Feb. 5th.

Indeed, God sees you and He has life to offer you.

Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you! Isaiah 49:15

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