Dodging spears

We’ve all known the wounds from the direct hands of others and the arrows that have the intent to paralyze…if not kill. Sometimes, it can seem as if there are multiple sources aiming at you with fiery darts coming from all directions. Like everyone is against you.

Has God placed some kind off bull’s eye on your back?


When we fail, disappoint, make bad choices – we can expect backlash…with good reason.

But when you are doing what you believe God has called you to do, when you are seeking Him and walking with Him…

what about then?

Why does so much seem to be against you?

Fierce and fiery are the darts that are forged in a place of bitterness, resentment, jealousy, rage, selfishness and fear they come and they come fast.

But all those attacks are a little more than “bad things happen to good people,” it’s more than just living in this sinful, fallen world, and it is certainly more than the paranoia that everyone is out to get you…aiming for that giant circle on your back.

There is an enemy who wants to destroy you. He will use others to do so. He will use the vicious and vile tongues of others to do so.

There is an enemy who wants you to shut up, shut down and back into a corner.

There is an enemy who is fearful of what you are doing – of what it means – of what it means to others – what it can do for others – how it might look too much like the Gospel…

in other words – YOU MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT for the attacks to be this severe!

That means rather than being so discouraged, you can know that you have been, you are now…on the right track. It might seem as if God is shutting the door, that He’s not listening, that He’s left.

Hold on. Don’t throw in the towel yet. Get it into your head that now is not the time to retreat, but it is time to gird yourself and the way you do that is to ask Him for the strength and a spiritual tenacity to keep going.

If God has set your foot on a path, then unless you walk off…nothing can remove you unless He removes you.

There may be discouragement, hard work that never seems to be noticed and a long season of waiting before you see fruit…but that doesn’t mean that you are to give up – especially when you are attacked.

People will wound. People sometimes don’t want you to succeed or even be happy. It isn’t about what others think – it’s about what God has for you – and when you come through this season of being tried and tested, you will emerge stronger, more deeply girded and absolutely more certain of your calling and your walk.

So hold tight. Hold on. Do not give up. Do not give in. God is still in this with you. He’s still a covering over you and watching your back – the one that is marked with His name. So while there isn’t an actual bull’s eye – there is something far greater that makes you a target. The enemy doesn’t need to worry about someone who isn’t a threat so don’t be surprised at the lack of fiery darts in the lives of others. But YOU – because you have decided to follow Him, not be ashamed, be willing to do whatever it is God asks of you…you most certainly are a target for the enemy. And praise God that you are!

Keep thinking eternally. This is temporary and so are these endless attacks!

David was a young man, he knew he had been anointed King and although it would be years before he would be the physical king of Israel, he knew God’s calling upon his life. The current King Saul was threatened by this young man – this man who had slain the giant, shown greater courage than anyone and won the hearts of the people. Saul became under a demonic influence and tried many times to take the life of David.

(I Samuel 18)

But GOD spared David…nothing could thwart God’s plan. NOTHING can thwart God’s plan in your life either.

Take heart. Stand back and allow those arrows to go where they are really meant to hit…straight at a holy God. He will the fight in the spiritual realm.

Take courage. Stand strong. God is fighting for you.

I sat yesterday, listening to our pastor teach on this section of Scripture and I thought about the past couple of years and how many hundreds of arrows that had come our way. Although they made us weary and they often caused us to redirect, they DID NOT mean the end of us. They did not contain or destroy us. God has been faithful and He will be faithful to you as you face the fiery darts of the enemy.





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!