Introducing: Jack the Wonder Dog


his is Jack. Jack is a black lab who knows how to live. He only gets out of the truck on the morning farm run if the weather is between 65 – 75 degrees, no wind. Jack is brilliant. He sometimes smells really bad but is always willing to snuggle no matter how offensive he may be to others. Personal hygiene isn’t a huge priority for him.

Jack loves to watch me work from the comfort of the truck seat, unless there is water involved. If we happen to drive back to the pond, Jack is climbing over me, over Luke, through the window to get his sleek, ottor-like body into the water. He could swim all day if you let him. The problem with that is I don’t really swim in the farm pond any more, I get a raft and float…to which Jack thinks is a really cool place to hang out with me…only he turns me over…into the farm pond water, so I tell him…”Go swim with Luke who doesn’t really care about what kind of water he swims in.”

Jack loves company. He thinks anyone and everyone who comes to the house is there for one reason: him. He loves to put his giant rear-end against any and all visitors so they may have the privilege to scratch him where it counts, on his backside. If company is fortunate, they hit the “spot” on his backside, causing his leg to twitch and wave. He is especially excited on Wednesday nights – when lots of people show up for Bible study. Jack has a deep need to sit-in on the teaching of the Word…mostly for potential “back rubs” but at least he’s getting a good dose of truth each week.

Jack is great at commands and has learned that since he has to work through a series of commands before he gets food, he goes straight for the last one…or in the very least rushes through all the preliminary commands.He sits quickly, throws his right paw into the air so fast you barely see it, lies down and remains…all within about 2 seconds

He loves his cats. Really, really loves his cats. He also really loves to eat their food. He would probably show the most aggression if someone tried to hurt one of his outside kitties…he may chase them, but others can not. He may get them riled up, others aren’t allowed. When the cat who has inside privledges comes in, he loves to sleep with her, perferably on our bed, for which he gets into trouble for…but it must be worth it, because he continually is getting into trouble for attempting to lounge on our bed.

On those days, when it is between 65-75 degrees, no wind, Jack will venture out to the barn and watch me work. He loves to watch, me work. Then, he whines, when he cannot see me work. If I am past a gate or fence and he cannot see me work…he paces and whines…until he sees me again, working. I’ve reminded him that there are dogs out there who are considered “working dogs,” especially on a farm, but he doesn’t appear too threatened. Although I have noticed that he’s been a little more engaged when we put the chickens up each evening.

Jack, the Wonder Dog, does have one embarrassing trait that he wouldn’t want other male dogs to know about…he can’t squat. He’s four years old and has never learned to hike. I cannot imagine what this has done to his self-esteem. He seems to compensate however, in other areas and for that we applaud him.

The temperature in the house is too cold today, therefore, I will stay in bed until it gets to the desired temp.

We love you, Jack the Wonder Dog, you have helped make life interesting with your unique smell, your loving demeanor, sensitivity toward cats and devotion to our family.






May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!