Fun Fridays – Summer Evening

How grateful I am that we have the blessed opportunity to sit on our back porch on a beautiful summer evening- with full bellies, healthy children, new babies, plenty of space to romp around – while so much of the world’s population would be thrilled just living on our back porch. Every good and perfect gift is from above and sometimes, we need to spend a little more time being GRATEFUL for the simple things in life…things like…

a jar of hydrangeas sitting on the table on the porch, or a dog having the freedom to choose which stick he’s going to pull out of the fire pit, or watching as your youngest son plays with his brother-in-law.

The cat curled up on a chair, enjoying a snooze in the evening breeze. The chickens making one last run before the are shut up into the coop, catching lightening bugs, watching the sun go down and realizing just how quiet and gentle it gets at dusk. Breathing in fresh air…being able to breath at all. Realizing that you get a new opportunity in the morning to make a fresh start and to attempt a grateful heart, once again. The simple things in life….they are worth noticing and noting for thanks!





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!