God’s Presence in the Fog

My soft pillow and quilt don’t give in easily. I so want to stay wrapped up and remain in my cozy morning cocoon. But I hear the hens calling for me. They know I will come and scatter their feed and fill their water troughs. They are the most precise alarm clock.

My feet are the first to enter into the daily adventure. “Good morning, Lord.”

Goats are certain that they will get their morning ration. Cowgirl is certain she will be milked. Crunching and chewing away as the first of her creamy milk goes to the barn Tom cat who sits, smacks his lips and meows until he’s lapping up his breakfast. Jack the Wonder Dog is going to get his kibble, cats are going to stretch and yawn and ever-so casually, wonder over to their food bowls.

  Eggs are gathered. I kick off my shoes and enter back in…

“Good morning, Luke.”

Eggs are cracked and plopped into the morning skillet. Wheat bread slides into the toaster. Luke is certain a mountain of sustenance is always going to show up at his spot at the table. Though sometimes the toast is a little too done and the eggs aren’t quite perfect, there is never a fear or even thought that steam won’t be rising from  his plate each day as he sleepily slides into his chair

A caretaker and caregiver. This is my morning. No matter how I feel, no matter how I believe that God will meet my needs for the day, I do my morning chores, I am meeting the needs of others.

Sometimes, there is a fog and it’s hard to see, hard to know. There is no momma any where in my home for me, I am the momma. Sometimes the ever-present hand of God seems so far away and still.

Yet, He tells me. He tells me in His Word. I am not to fear. When the fog rolls in, when I don’t know how the daily adventure, or even hour by hour…how its going to go…I can trust.

I cannot see God move about in my day. Luke sees me, hears me. He doesn’t have to have faith that he will be cared for because he feels it…with every “good morning,” with every kiss on the forehead and gentle folding in of his covers each night.

I look around and I see God’s handiwork. I see the magnificence of His creation.

I hear the laughter and the cry of my beautiful grandson, Ezra.

I feel in my heart the lament over sin, the anguish over those who are lost…who are always wondering in their dense, blinding fog.

I know that I can trust, I can believe that He is there, though I cannot see Him.

His Word is alive…it speaks to me…breathes life into me. 

I can see evidence of His hand all around me. I can feel Him breath life inside of me. Yet, He does not come, thundering and fast…furious..it is not in the harsh winds, the fire, the mountains quaking or the earth trembling, but rather with gentleness with the patience of a nurturing mother, only perfected. It shrouds me in a peaceful fog. It does not matter that I can see, it does not matter if sometimes I don’t know how its going to work out – the day or the hour. It does not matter because He is beyond the fog. He is beyond the morning chores, the serving, the washing, the bank accounts, the picking up and the dust on the piano.  He is beyond His creation, beyond the sleeping babe or the laughing child, the cackling hens and bleating goats. He is beyond my doubts and yet…He holds it all…even my thoughts. I cannot see Him but I see evidence of Him all around. I am touched by the evidence of Him – in the kind and caring, compassionate souls who have reached out, who sit and listen, who have brought meals when a loved one dies, who call when there is a birthday, who love though there are so many imperfections. I see Him at work when a beloved sister speaks lovingly for accountability’s sake. I see Him at work when hearts once stone cold are turned soft and pliable. I know He is there because He has changed me.

I am caretaker of those He has entrusted me with.

He is my caretaker. Before me is a full plate each day…I feast on His Word, His daily provisions are not deserved, His steadfast love are more deeply felt than the old quilt pulled up to the chin or the soft kiss on the forehead.

He is there…a glorious presence of Glory. 




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!