How long has He been proving Himself to you

She’s been around for a long time. She’s all white – her name is Lilly. She’s an exceptional animal and I am one of those people who have an appreciation for animals of an exceptional quality.

To me, the greatest wonder isn’t in Lilly’s accomplishments or in her grand ability to produce other exceptional babies…no, it’s what I’ve observed in her interaction with me the older she gests.


Lilly just had two adorable little doelings the other day (that would be two females). Now, I can handle them, take them out of the stall, do just about anything with them and Lilly doesn’t even blink. She doesn’t stand at the gate and holler like the first time momma’s when you take them out to do whatever you gotta do. She doesn’t get all anxious when I’m in there with her. She doesn’t cower in the corner or try to get away. Nope. She absolutely believes that I will not harm her in any way…nor will I harm any of her kids.

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Through all of these years of me being her care-taker-shepherd-provider-protector…she’s learned that I will never neglect her.

She can even trust me with her brand new babies.

I always tell my son, Luke, “A scared animal is a ruined animal.” I will lord over my animals, I will lead them, I will win in any battle and I will absolutely be in control but never will I harm them or frighten them. That means that over time, they will come to trust you. That goes a long, long way in the barn.

It goes a long, long way with you too.

How long, how many years have you claimed that God is your God?

How many times has He proved Himself faithful?
How many ways has He provided when you didn’t think He would come through?

How many circumstances can you look back upon and see the trail of His loving hand upon your life?

The longer you walk with God the more you should trust Him.

Your walk should look different than it did five years ago or even two years ago.

Your walk should look different next year, maybe even by the end of the coming summer.

Like Lilly, you should understand and know that God is in and among all that you do, everywhere you go…with every blessing, provision, protection and even in the ways that you need to be disciplined. But you should never fear His working in your life. You should know by now that it is YOUR GOOD He is after.

The same way I maneuver around the barn, in the stall, around Lilly, God is even more so…weaving all things for His purposes, for His glory…for your good.

Do you trust God with your children?

I mean, really, really trust…

because what if  there is a diagnosis of cancer?

What if your child seems trapped in the bondage of alcohol, drugs, pornography?

What if your child runs away?

What if your child seems to walk away from every thing they have ever been taught about God’s Word?

What if  your child struggles in ways that break your heart?

Do you, can you, will you, trust that He sees them?

Rather than be filled with panic and a sense of despair – will you be able to know that God has proven His faithfulness to you all these every single way…surely, He sees the plight of your child –


I know it’s much easier to think of a simplified life of a goat. I mean really. But God calls us His sheep and really, a lot of the times we are fearful and dumb and running in a frenzy as if we had no Shepherd at all.

God isn’t angry with you, trying to punish you and He isn’t ignoring you.

He hasn’t turned His back on you.

He’s still working in your life.

He sees all of these things that are making you feel overwhelmed and afraid.

He’s still providing for you, protecting you, drawing you close to Him.

You really can stand there or lie there, in a state of rest, in a state of “I’m going to be ok, I don’t have to trying to figure this out.” God is moving around and among your life all that is taking place with you and those you love.

He’s going to do what He’s going to do with your children…much like I’m going to do what I need to  with any newborn or young goat…it doesn’t matter what the mom thinks or how she acts. I know what’s best for her baby and my goal is for their good – not her duress or their harm.

God didn’t give you your child or children so that it could be the end of you. Believe it or not, He can and will use them to draw you to Him in ways you never imagined before. Also in ways you never wanted to imagine before!

Your love for them cannot be measured.

Neither can His for you – or for your children.

Lilly cannot see what I’m doing to her babies. And by the end of the week, I’m going to have to remove some horn buds from their heads. It doesn’t take long and they are more afraid than it hurts them, but the sound of their hollering would get to anyone…but Lilly will wait in her stall for them. She won’t try to get out, try to rescue them. She won’t like them calling for her, but she trusts they will come back to her, into her care so that she can comfort them.

You can’t always see what God is doing with your children or in your life.

All you may see is the pain and the sorrow…

So take a giant step back, turn around.

Remember all the ways God has been faithful all of these years.

He’s still faithful to you today.

He will be tomorrow.

You can trust that.






May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!