Raising a Hunter/Gatherer

So I’m raising my boy to be a mighty warrior of God. I’ve got a little experience under my belt with three older kids, but with Luke, past experience is often tossed out the window cause parenting a special needs child is a whole ‘nother world. But I was reminded today when I was reading through some back posts like the one below that I can and need to keep it simple with Luke. What am I saying, I need to keep it simple for me! There are so many things that can muddle my mind and so many times I feel like I am failing as a parent. (Which is why I am thankful for great resources like the one on the giveaway below)

“I should’a done that.”

“I could’a done that.”

“I really shouldn’t have reacted like that.”

“Oh, if only I would have said that…”

all those should have’s could have’s…and on and on it goes…the glorious mother guilt.

So, I need to read my own blogs and cling to the simplicity of the Gospel – especially when raising my son.

Especially for myself. So, here is that reminder, written at the beginning of summer – which is another wonderful reminder now that it is 20 degrees outside and snowing:

We were out on this fine summer morning, all excited because ….the combine is here! The combine is here! The wheat is ready for harvest.


After the grain truck is loaded with wheat, bring on the hot job of baling straw!

Anyway, we were checking the garden and all the yummy food we grow and seeing if anything was ready. Luke loves to eat good, healthy, wholesome food which makes feeding him easy on me. Luke helped plant the garden so its especially fun for him to be involved with the continual care. It also presents opportunity to talk about just how God gives us what we need for our bodies, how God blesses us with sunshine, rain (which we really need again, please, Lord!), the exact nutrients in the soil and rain water to make our food grow….just like His Word – He gives us just what we need to help us grow.

It’s really that simple – God loves us, provides for us, gives us His Word, if we only gather it up daily. So, my little hunter/gatherer this morning was learning a lesson on hunting for the blessings and joys of the Lord and gathering them up through his Word and by enjoying His glorious creation. What about you….are you hunting and gathering?


“Vanna” pointing out a little green tomato


my goodness the zucchini is getting big

obviously I focused in on the blue berries

obviously, I focused on the blue berries

meow meow after a long night of hunt/gather

The ultimate hunter/gatherer…”The combine is here!” “The combine is here!”


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May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!