Lips of shame and sorrow


The lips of shame and sorrow, bend down to kiss his feet,

With trembling hands she breaks the jar, her tears wash his feet

A sacrifice of worship she brings to her king,

bringing all she is all she has to give

….lyrics from a song (Alabaster Jar) I wrote years ago about the sinful woman who came to anoint Jesus.

She came though she knew she would be scorned. She didn’t stop because of what others might say. She was used to being talked about. She was used to the crowd parting when she walked, she was used to being the “sinful” one.  She knew what it was to be used and cast aside. But Christ had done for her what no one else had done before – He gave her hope. He covered her shame.

The woman’s worship was costly. She sacrificially brought a jar that was worth a great deal of money to anoint her living king. With the deepest, most soulful tears of gratitude, she washes his feet, and wipes the grim and dust away with her hair. She offers herself -fully. With great abandon, she worships and expresses her love after the vast realization that she has been forgiven.

Her shame was no more!

Beloved, child of the King – You have been forgiven much – how do you respond to your living King? Do you come to Him with reckless abandon, unashamed in your expression of love, adoration, awe and thanksgiving to Him in private worship? Or, do you hold back, ashamed to express, become forgetful even, of the great price that has been paid so that your shame is no more?

How difficult to fathom that Christ was willing to be humiliated for me – for my sins, for my shame! Why not then – how could I not, be willing to express my love for Him! Even more than that…how can I stop worshiping my Living King!

Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. Psalm 34:5





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!