Napal, the chaos and the God who wasn’t caught off guard

I‘m looking at the scenes from Napal.

We get a tiny glimpse of the chaos from the short videos – the sounds – the crying and the panic.

There is no way we can fully understand. We cannot smell it, taste it in our mouths.

We don’t feel our heart pounding as our lives are torn apart.

But maybe you do know what it is to feel as if everything has sifted and shifted underneath you.

As we set to pray for this area of the world – and believe me, we should be praying…

they are hurting, crying,

crying out –

looking for those they can’t find and discovering those who will never speak to them again –

as you set out to pray know that in the midst of their chaos and yours there is a God who is in the midst of it all.

He’s giving them strength as they dig through the rubble.

He’s holding onto the momma who is squatting on the ground, unable to lift herself because she is absolutely buried in grief.

He’s capturing ever single tear, every single moan of anguish.

He wasn’t caught off guard. He wasn’t off duty. He wasn’t ignoring anything.

He warned us in His Word that there would be catastrophes, earthquakes, famines, wars, rumors and that life would be so very hard.

Life is hard because we dwell among the brokenness of this world.

We life in a fallen and broken place.

We are immersed in a temporary setting that is riddled with pain and suffering and a vast need…

because we are so very vulnerable and fragile.

I don’t care what you have or who you are with or how confident you are.

There will come that moment when you are alone or maybe standing in the midst of a thousand and you realize that there is something deep in the pit of your soul that is breaking, crying out..

nothing has filled it, nothing.

And all the things that seem to batter you, that leave you with your own stench of death all around you –

that leave you with tear-filled eyes and feelings of desperation and desolation…

it will absolutely take you down because you are fragile.

You don’t stand a chance with anything you have in of yourself.

Just as there are those who need someone to dig them out of the rubble, you need someone to rescue you.

Someone has come to rescue you. He’s come to redeem you. He’s come to draw you out of and away from this place where struggle and sin rot away at our lives.

Just as you cannot imagine what those dear  people of Napal are going through so too, others cannot see the desperation of your soul.

You might be able to pretend but eventually, you’ll grow so very tired.

And your eyes will reveal the joylessness inside of you.

And the trauma of the disappointments and loss in your life will take it’s toll.

You might run away and try to hide but the tremors keep coming.

Because you are fragile. You are so very vulnerable.

Something more powerful than all the earthquakes combined has stepped down to save you.

A lion.

A fierce, all-knowing, all-powerful, gentle and grace-giving lamb has made a way for you and your pride and your addictions and your brokenness.

You are an absolute desolate wasteland without Him.

There is no one and nothing that can rescue you even resuscitate you for very long.

God isn’t caught off guard with what’s going on in your life. He isn’t too busy. He isn’t looking the other way.

Your life is broken.

You are broken.

And God can redeem and restore it all.

And He will be faithful to cradle Napal and the surrounding areas.

Let’s flood the heavens with prayers for these beautiful and precious people – that they would be comforted.

Let’s flood the heavens with cries for our own redemption.

God can mend the most torn, most fragile, most beat-up heart and life.

God can give you rest. He can give the wearied and wounded rest.

The struggle and sin of this world will come to an end. There will come one day, your end, at least in the sense of struggle.

Redemption will win. It already has.

There will come a day when all that we know and feel and weep over will cease.

His mercy is what you need. It is what your parched and dried up soul is longing for – what it was created for.

His mercy is flooding those with the shell-shocked eyes amid the chaos of so much devastation.

His mercy is calling to you.

Your vulnerable, beat-up, wearied and so very desperate heart cannot and will not be satisfied until you run to that mercy that has been waiting for you …

and maybe it is the giving way underneath your feet that has brought you to this place where you finally, call out to Him.

He hears your cries.

He’s listening.

God, we are a desperate and needy people. We cannot do anything without you. We need you. We need a Savior. The people of Napal – they need you. They need your mercy and grace and love to drown out the immense sorrow and chaos. We need your grace and mercy and love to drown out the twisting and churning of our lives. We surrender ourselves to you. We are a needy and desperate people, Lord, desperate for you.


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May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!