There he was, keeping rhythm with more than his hands and feet.


Every ounce of Zac’s body was consumed. He was on autopilot as far as the gifting and talent was concerned.  There was unison between all the musicians and there was purpose to an offering we collectively desired to give in a sacrifice of praise. That’s the purpose of any worship team: holding the door open to the presence of God with awe, reverence and a respect that He alone is worthy. 


But it was the inner-most, where the deep crevices of his heart had been opened…broken and redeemed that flowed out on this morning offering of praise and I was mesmerized by his “doing what he had been created to do.”

There is a freedom that is like no other when your chains have been broken, shattered.


And there was an impeccable presentation of MERCY in these moments, when Zac was doing what God created his hands to do…worship Him, fully, using his gifts, his offerings…coming through with the timing, pulsing…beautiful expression on his drums – it was the adhesive that holds the music together.

For years, the bondage of alcohol kept that joy buried, it kept a lot of things buried. Anxiety and depression were quick to smoother any attempts that peace made to to rise to the surface of his heart. Held in the deep clutches of despair, Zac was on a different kind of auto-pilot back then…one of self  attempts to just get through the day to day struggles of life whatever the means – whatever the addiction. As long as it numbed, as long as it brought some sense of peace – even if false peace, then it was dark corner where he hid. But God goes searching for those wounded hearts and He will move mountains to reach them.


He used Zac’s neighbor. He used a church. He used a pastor and a people. He used His Spirit to move upon him and He used His redeeming love to grab hold of Zac’s wearied heart…threads of anxiety.

Redeeming them.

“Salvation erased guilt and gave birth to grace.”

All that had been stifled was now free to spill forth.

Zac had recently come to know the Lord as Savior and on this day, as I was worshipping, I was drawn in to watch him. Usually, my eyes are mostly closed but on that morning, from where I stood, from my perspective…it was an even deeper intensity of communion in worship as I watched God’s beloved son do what God had created Him to do…

and it was unhindered and beautiful.

As magnificent as the last bit of sun slipping over the horizon, or the perfection of a new born’s hand or the way the wild stallion runs as he was created to run…so it is when we operate in what God has created us for  – in who we are and the task(s) He gave us to do. It is equally beautiful, the painted sky, that first breath and the freedom to express His love using our gifts and talents.

And that shadow on the wall – it was as if the Lord, Himself, were that shadow. Jesus, picking up the drum sticks, reaching around Zachary’s back, playing right along with him…giving ease and fulfillment as the Holy Spirit absolutely took over which is why I was mesmerized because I was watching a man who was living out his redemption, through the expression of what he loves to do, was created to do, finds easy to do and serves the Body of Christ in doing so.


All those years Christ had been with him. Those lonely nights, the trips to the ER when fear overcame, the regrets, the shame…God had been pursuing him all along. Now here is is today, living fully in this glorious redemption, holding the door open for us every Sunday as the over flow of gratitude spills out literally in his hands and feet.

Just as the beat is the adhesive that holds music together it is Christ who hold all things together by His glorious, redeeming grace.


Spoken for.

Free to live out his purpose within the Body of Christ.








May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!