Teaching Topics

Below you will find some of Joy’s teaching topics.


You’re Not Alone, based on John 16:33 – several sessions fitting for a retreat setting
Life is hard and we often feel defeated, stressed and forgotten – this address the fact that though you will face adversity, Christ has overcome – unpacking that truth and making it settle in your heart

Soul Care to Women – counseling women in crisis situations – Sometimes we drive by a wounded woman who is struggling and though she is bleeding to death, we yell a scripture out the window and keep on driving.  Bandaging those with wounds takes time, patience and a willingness to get dirty with another person’s dirt.

Purity – fitting for teenage to young adult women – What is intimacy? Why wait until marriage? How do my choices affect my future? What exactly does scripture say about purity (purity of heart)? How does my actions and dress affect the opposite sex? The world’s view? These questions and more are unpacked with a time of self-examination and encouragement.
Intimacy of God – Worship – We were created to worship! Understanding the awe, reverence and respect we are to have towards our Father and just how holy, sovereign and just He is should cause our spirits to cry out continually.

Psalm 66 – Seeing God in the small things.

The Lord never forgets based on Isaiah 49:15 – No matter what we’ve done, no matter who we are, God’s thoughts towards us are loving. He longs for intimacy with his children. He desires to take his adopted sons and daughters into his perfect inheritance.

Young Brides Study – This is several session study, but it can be condensed. What does it look like to be a Godly woman, Godly wife?  We will address issues like control, fear, shame, issues of intimacy, children, obedience, gratefulness and more. We all struggle with these issues and it’s not only helpful but necessary to understand what Scripture has to say about these topics.

A Woman Like You – Based on women of the New Testament who had a personal encounter with Christ. He reached out to women who were filled with shame, felt alone and believed that no one cared or saw them for who they really were.

Beauty for Ashes – Testimony of God’s mercy and grace. Our family’s testimony, my journey through lots of sorrow while learning to trust God.

Adoption, Revealing the Character of God – Nothing has taught me more about the character of God like adoption! Our son, Luke came with a trunk full of baggage from being traumatized and neglected. Through our family’s struggles and more personally, my struggles as I attempted to love a child who didn’t want to receive love.  God has been faithful and the lessons that we are still learning have had a huge impact on our daily life.

Proverbs 31 Woman – practical ways of running a home, being a help-meet and parenting

Shame and Tainted Glasses – Your perspective of God is slowly formed by your “tainted” view of Him and it starts at a young age. Why do we sometimes have a difficult time with God as Father figure? Often, it’s because our earthly fathers failed us. This is excellent for those who have been in abusive situations or have shame from past choices or actions.

Intimacy in Marriage -Intimacy affects our marriage on a daily basis. We will dig into God’s Word to understand its importance.


May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!