Seeing God as Your Shepherd


he Lord is my shepherd, He cares for me.  He disciplines me and when I am willing to come under His care, I have peace to lie down – without worry, without worrying about how everything is going to work out.  He is the one who quiets my soul – nothing else, no one else. He holds onto me, He will never let me go.


He desires that I follow Him and His ways – all other paths lead to problems, fear and anxiety for me. When I attempt to do things on my own – that is when I suffer.



Even though every day is hard and there are times when  I don’t know how I’m going to get through a trial – He is with me. He never leaves me. Even if I were facing death, He would be there, caring so tenderly for me.


I have nothing to fear because God is with me and He has the answer to every one of my problems. I am helpless and frail in this world. There is an enemy who wants to destroy me but my Shepherd knows of my weakness and He fights for me.

Because He loves me and doesn’t want me to do things that will destroy me or the ones that I love…He will discipline me, He will get my attention. There is comfort in knowing that God is always watching me – He is a diligent shepherd. He loves me too much to allow me to continue in the things that will destroy or cause harm to me or my relationship with Him.

He provides for me. Every single blessing and good thing in my life is only because He allowed them. I am blessed beyond measure and have more than I need.

With God, how can I lose? How could I ever fear when He is the Shepherd who watches over me – he keeps me in my safe pasture and inside safe fences?

I will always dwell in His safe pastures. There is peace there, there is perfect love there, there is comfort there, there is reason to rejoice there.


Even after my life is over here on earth, I will dwell with Him forever – my good and perfect Shepherd.


Paraphrased from Psalm 23







May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!