Six Hours

Taking you back in time to listen to a song I wrote many years ago about the six hours on the cross. It is  hard to wrap my brain around the fact that Christ was willing to become what I am, so that I can become what he is – free from sin – by the way of his atoning sacrifice.

While I was still wearing the filthy rags of rebellion toward God – He called me to Him.

A perfect Lamb, it was perfect love that was thinking of me when He spread out His arms wide and died for me.

The lyrics are posted below the song link/ click below to hear the song

06 Six Hours (written, recorded by J. McClain copyright 2000)

What I am is a child of grace, what I am is free from sin

What I am is guilty for your hours of agony

Chorus: Six hours of agony, six hours in eternity

Perfect love, perfect Lamb, spread out for what I am

Perfect love, perfect Lamb, spread out for what I am

Every time I break your heart, do I intensify your pain

Every time I turn away, do you suffocate again

You bore them all, one by one,

The weight of everything I’ve done

Kept you there, ’til it was done

For all eternity




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!