Super heros can’t save if they are only thinking of self

Super hero’s don’t just think of their self, they think of others.” Over and over again, we’ve been attempting to help Luke understand that he must think of how his actions/words effect others. He likes to think of himself as a superhero and that he can save the world, save anyone. There was a time when all he could do was attempt to protect himself, but now that “His dream has come true with a family,” he sometimes gets carried away and forgets about others. Even when we are blessed with wonderful things, we need to think of others….that’s what I tell Luke…

then I remember myself…

I must think I’m a super hero too because I think of “me” most of the time.

I think of me when I am too tired to listen to another woman who is struggling in her marriage. I think of me when I am impatient at explaining the same simple math concept to Luke for the one hundredth time. I think of me when I don’t care about my husband’s day…only dumping my own frustrations on him as he walks through the door. I think of me when some one doesn’t meet my expectations, when my feelings are hurt, when I don’t get my way, when I have an agenda and get frustrated at God for not seeing it my way.

I need to put away my super hero cape.

I don’t want to think of me so much. I want God’s perspective on those around me – I want to see them as He does, not what they will take from me, or ask of me. I want to give of myself. I want my heart to overflow with the love of Christ so much that its impossible to think of self…but, that won’t ever happen, cause there is no good thing in me…only Christ. I might do better than I used to and be more willing, but I will never cease to put me first a lot of the time. It will be a daily lesson, just like it is for Luke.

Each time I correct Luke, reminding him to think of others, I am reminded of myself.

Give me the heart of a servant, Lord!

God, thank you for the son you gave us. Thank you for allowing him to teach us…about You.


What or who has God placed in your life to help you become a little more selfless?

Thank Him for that – even on those days when you want a cape so you can fly away.

-You are being transformed more into His likeness!



May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!