Taken in.

I stole some minutes today.

I made a choice to worship my King.

I put on my absolute favorite CD and I forgot about the dishes that were stacked on the sink. I forgot about all the writing I needed to accomplish, the e-mails I hadn’t yet answered, the fact that the dog was stretched across the floor at my feet. I chose to focus my heart in complete adoration and praise to my God.

Life and business could have easily held me captive. I could have gotten so much done. I could have knocked a lot of the list…but I choose not to do what needed tending to…cause my soul needed tending to.

I was carried away. I was in the presence of the throne of God and I danced. It was me and my God in my kitchen. The dog at my feet didn’t matter, neither did all that was calling for my attention a few minutes earlier and would be calling for me in a short while…my God was calling me. He wanted to spend time with me.

It was glorious, my worship. I was consumed by His love.

I was consumed by His Holiness.

The world faded away, it grew dim as the radiance of knowing God filled my heart.

Oh, what great delight, when we choose to worship, when we choose to dance, when we place all of our concerns, stresses at His feet! Oh, what great delight…when we surrender to our King!

For those of you partaking in the 40 days of prayer and fasting, I encourage you to take time today to let your heart settle and really, really – listen for Him.

Without laying those petitions before Him – simply lay your heart out before Him – with gratitude and thanksgiving.

Your world and all the issues and the stresses, they will fade away too – all will become dim when you are in the presence of the Savior.

So – take the time…to be taken in.





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!