When all is rushed around you

I get excited when I slide into bed and the sheets are crisp and clean. Always have, always will, love fresh bed linens. I get a little goofy when I find a piece of furniture that has just a marvelous  shape…no matter what color it is…I’m picturing something new and improved – which usually entails making it look aged with character.  A bag of peanut m&m’s will bring out the best in mood and worst in my sharing ability cause I will go to great lengths to hide and not share, with anyone. The opportunity to swim, alone, in a lap pool just about sends me over the edge (ha, I just realized the pun).

Slipping a kayak into quiet waters is like, for me, the best time with God…just me, the paddle, the water and plenty of time to enjoy the company of my Creator.


Taking a walk in the quiet morning, sitting on my back porch with my coffee that is actually a cup of creamer with a little coffee speaks peace to my often hurried soul.  Having time to get out my guitar without anyone wanting me to sing a particular something for them…just me and God is like a little bit of heaven.

What’s the point, Joy of all this here rambling about all the little things you enjoy in your simple little life?

Because sometimes, we forget its OK to stop, to breathe, to do nothing. We are so stressed, so guilt ridden about all the things we don’t accomplish or people we fail to minister to that we forget that there are simple pleasures that God has given to each one of us and we can forget that we are free to enjoy them. Our list of to-do’s, should-have’s, want-to’s crowd out the OK to do’s..those things that aren’t much of anything except for replenishing and refreshing and isn’t that the most important ones of all?

Yesterday with an already weary heart I went to do the morning chores. As I approached the barn the goats met me…all of them, walking freely. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to wrangle goats and put them back into their lot? The inside of the barn looked like a wild gorilla got lose in there…the feed bags were torn up (they received no breakfast since they had consumed 3 days worth of feed), pitchforks, shovels, every tool, every piece of equipment was scattered here and yonder. It was a mess and they didn’t seem to feel any remorse whatsoever. After an hour of sweating and saying not so very nice things to my goats, I finally was able to do the days chores. This is after dealing with some hard issues with some people we love over the weekend. I was spent. I was emotional. I was falling apart as the goats with bloated bellies chewed their cuds in utter disregard. I realized that dealing with so many couples in crisis, having a crazy schedule lately and with other pressing issues that I had been emptied and poured out like one of the feed bags that lay torn apart on the barn floor.

Never would I speak of abandoning seeking justice, extending compassion and being others minded, but I am saying that it is OK to enjoy the things that you enjoy.  I’ve had a lot of fires burning lately and I recognize that I need to extinguish some. A wise woman once had me make a list of all the simple pleasures I like. Once I had them written down, she asked me when the last time I did – any of them! Sadly, I had let life crowd out the things that re freshen me. Clean sheets aren’t very spiritual, neither is a bag of coated peanuts, but you know what? It sure helps me be in a better frame of mind, not to mention mood and because of that – I’m more grateful and I tend to stop for a bit to breathe, take in that moment. As I’m breathing and being more aware it’s almost like there is a background announcer informing me,

“This simple moment of pleasure has been brought to you today by: God!”

I dare you today to make your list of simple, mostly free pleasures. Then ask yourself when you have done any of them. It’s really OK to enjoy them. It’s really gracious when you remember they are gifts from God.  It’s really good for your family when you remember the things that fill your tank. We cannot bandage or care for others when we are laying critically wounded…or when we are fried, we are like a burnt piece of toast ….we crumble at the slightest friction.

It’s OK to take a time-out. It’s OK to slow down, as a matter-of-fact, its highly recommended. We live in a break-neck paced world. So, take a moment, take a lot of moments to savor what’s around you.

Every good thing is from above!




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!