What if the Queen showed up in sweatpants and washed my feet…

Imagine if the British royalty decided to dwell among the common folk…to the point where they absolutely left the palaces, servants, privileges, perks and exceptional education and service. Most likely, it wouldn’t happen. Not that they don’t the heart for it…I don’t know them, but it’s unlikely for so many reasons.

And the folks dwelling in the White House…how about if they decided they’d like to move in and among those who are struggling to make ends meet, in the not-so-good part of town.  Get past the security details of it all and we can’t even fathom a president who would be willing to leave all that comes with the honor of that powerful position.


People usually want to move up. Rarely do they want to go back to humble beginnings. Even those who have celebrity status for the most ridiculous reasons (famous for being famous?) seem to clamor for more attention and privilege.

“I don’t wanna go back there ever again, or go through that ever again.”

The royal couple wouldn’t ever have considered having their baby in a barn. Good grief, some celebrities cannot fathom giving birth in a regular hospital room rather than some posh suite.  I don’t know anyone who would like to exchange places with someone who’s life is hard, miserable, sickly, riddled with vile actions, thoughts and deeds. I don’t know anyone who would stand up for the murderer, the molester, the wicked and the aggressor let alone

die for them.

I’ve really been thinking about how much love it took for God to do what He did and does for me.

I am selfish, impatient. Even when I do want to do the right thing, I so often do the wrong thing. And there’s a whole world of “me’s” out there. There’s been thousands of years of “ME’S!” And we only see me, me, me, me.

I talk about those who live the lives of the rich and famous, but really, we are all guilty of the very same thing: we want what we want and we want for our self and we want to protect our self and we want to be free from anything that might hinder, hurt, offend.

Would you leave everything you know, everything that is comfort to you so that you can go live a life that is so very, very difficult and that requires you to have absolute HUMILITY …doing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING for the glory of someone else. And what if you had the power to do ANYTHING to anyone at any time BUT YOU DID NOTHING….

even when they wounded you, even when they humiliated you…

when you were innocent.

People in power misuse that power all of the time.

Christ had all-authority kind of power!

He knew every single hair on the head of his mother before He was born. He was there when she was conceived. He was there before she was even thought about. He was there when Adam drew in that first breath.

Yet, He was delivered by her…so He could deliver her and me and you.

HE stood there, silent when they accused Him.

HE told Peter, “Put away your sword!” If it would have been me I would have unleashed the legions of angels that He had at His disposal…but HE DID NOT.

He was obedient

to death.


and stepped down into our mess

He knew hunger, thirst, heat, exhaustion, sorrow, loss, ache, grief, puberty, hard work, grouchy people, frustrating people, prideful and haughty people, loneliness, physical pain…and everything that we are afraid to imagine because He is holy. Yet, that is the point – God became man.

GOD – supreme, omnipotent, omniscient, holy, just, pure…

became one of us.

Only he didn’t join in on the “ME” crowd. Nope.

He came for us – as a servant, surrendering all that HE had so that we would really know how much God loves us.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see myself exchanging my firstborn son for all of you…I’d like to think I could but…no. But He wasn’t like my son or me or you…He was SINLESS. He really was innocent. He didn’t deserve to die…

we did.

But God didn’t create us to have no means or end for us.

We were created out of His great love for us and even though we are all about ME and even though we fail and flounder…

He stepped down here for us.


It wasn’t like God couldn’t have spoken one word and the entire world would have been prostrate before the cross.

But the words that HE speaks on the cross were for us!

Christ wasn’t some sheepish, wimpy, hair-flowin’ soft-spoken Hollywood stud who just flashed a smile that would make everyone feel gushy inside…HE HAD ALL AUTHORITY and He held it back! HE WAS HOLY – all the time!

It wasn’t that He finally got His chance to shine on that day they all proclaimed Him as Messiah (Palm Sunday) or during the transfiguration or when after HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD…NO! He was actually putting a lid on it so-to-speak!

That’s a little more than the Queen of England showing up at your dinner table tonight and taking off her “royal garb,” putting on a pair of sweat pants and washing your feet. Or more than the President of the United States driving himself to your house, serving you, making you feel like the guest of honor. Such things wouldn’t happen.

But something even more remarkable did happen!


He’s washed your feet. He’s washed all of you for that matter.

There wasn’t a power struggle. There wasn’t pride. There wasn’t a surrender of will after things didn’t work out.

There was a plan.


became the lowest of servants and did not complain, or hold a grudge or become bitter….

because it was all about you and me and all the “me’s” in the world.

For God so loved us – each and every last one of us that He gave of Himself.

That’s love. Perfect. Holy.

From the Father’s side to walking next to man, to having his side pierced to reigning at His Father’s side…how magnificent is His love for ME and for you.







May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!