When all you see is your failure.

Sometimes, all we see is our failures. We just can’t seem to get it together. We are overcome with the driving sense of inadequacy that can paralyze and shake our confidence to the point where we shut down – frozen with the fear of even more failure.


When we are on a path that seems so treacherous, and honestly, at times, so very lonely we wonder, who is traveling here with me. Have I gotten so far off, so far away, have I missed the mark by so much that now I’m a thousand miles from where I should be?


We look around and though we’ve tried, it seems like the best that can float to the top is something that is just going to sink again, What’s the point, why try, it’s no use, I can’t do it, I will only fail, maybe God wants me to fail, why would He waste His time on me, no wonder I’ve ended up here.


No matter how hard we’ve tried it still doesn’t work. No matter what we do, we come up short. The numbers aren’t there, the relationship only gets worse, the opportunities don’t come, the door is locked shut.


If I see failure, I’m prone to give up.

But what if my failures are really sin? What if I’ve dropped the ball, gotten lazy, let my emotions get the best of me, let my selfish motives drive me or let my idols dictate for me? What if my “good intentions,” weren’t ever good enough and the bottom line was that I was thinking of me and therefore, failed.

Even when doors don’t open, numbers aren’t there and things don’t end up like we had hoped – we don’t have control over those things, only our response and reaction to them. We can fail even with our attitudes when hard things come into our path.

If my failures are really my sin then there is comforting news.

Because when the realization of that failure comes, when conviction hits my soul, then repentance should be trailing behind and a willingness to change…

and that is forgiven.

So those things that hold me under the thumb of failure – in an attempt to drown me so that I will be lifeless – too afraid to move, too afraid to fail yet again…if I let those slide under the category of sin then they can also be held under the category of that which can be forgiven.

Christ paid for my sin. His words, not mine. God’s prophecy and fulfillment, not man’s.

Therefore, in my failures, I am covered.

In my sin, I am forgiven.

My failures cannot hold me under the waterfall of guilt any longer. My failures do not keep me on a senseless, meaningless, wandering path…no, He has set my feet upon a path and He will be faithful to not only pave the way, but guide me until I reach the end.

Even when I cry with my head tucked between my knees, wrought with such a dreadful sense of not measuring up, overcome with the sense that I have only failed, it can be redeemed.

It has been redeemed.

I need only accept that.

Your failures, your sin, was exchanged for hope – hope that frees you from the shackles of shame – it is no longer under the waterfall that intends to drown, but under the waterfall of grace…

Your sin, your failures, your inability to do anything of worth or good has been covered. I will fail, you will fail and God knew that. He doesn’t expect His children to be perfect, because we can’t. My failures, your failures – they fall under that glorious category: that which can be forgiven, that which can be redeemed.






May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!