When Life Hangs in the Balance

Three weeks ago we were just starting this road when my daughter who was 26 weeks pregnant at the time suffered a ruptured appendix. It took four days to get an accurate diagnosis mostly because of the pregnancy.  Four days with raging infection which lead to all kinds of complications including a collapsed lung. All while there is life inside her very sick body.

There were a couple of days where I had to press pass the thoughts that looked like might become reality.

While we are no where near done with all of this, she is a far cry from where she was. The baby is older, more developed. The infection seems to be contained and drained and her lung is getting back to normal capacity. There are still variables and things that could change…changing everything. But we are confident that the Lord’s hand is upon our daughter and baby Evelyn. We are trusting that the Lord will continue to heal and protect our unborn granddaughter. Imagine the plans He must have for this precious life that has been woven with His magnificent hands of love!

After the worst was over.

After the worst was over.

While our lives were turned upside down there were so many who stepped up to help steady all that was quaking around us. The meals, help with her two boys (Isaiah -2 and Ezra -3), their laundry getting down, house being cleaned, prayers, encouragement and so much practical help! We are so very grateful to those who ministered to us in such beautiful physical ways!

And the prayers! I was overwhelmed when I read that the praying wives on a private page I started a couple of years ago had actually organized a prayer vigil – around the clock. Scattered on different parts of the globe were women who were interceding for our daughter and her baby and I’ve never met 95% of them! Ministries, individuals, churches, people were faithful to go to the Throne of God and ask for her healing!

This past Sunday we finally could get back to church. We watched as our firstborn baptized four kids who had been coming to their youth group. Just before each of these beautiful girls were baptized, our daughter in law, Micala, read their testimonies aloud. Emotional. Yup. We heard who they were – where they were – in their struggles, feeling so lost and lone and here they were smiling and filled with joy as they had found what their souls had been longing for.


New Life!


Their lives had been hanging in the balance!

The Lord could have chosen to take Kristen and baby Evelyn. If He would have done so our hearts would have broken but we would have the assurance that we would see them again. And as difficult as that time has been in the reality of our physical world as we spiritual beings dwell here…there comes a time when every single one of our lives will hang in the balance and that is the deepest, most important thing of all…

We will either choose to accept Christ’s death, burial and RESURRECTION.

Or we will not.

That is truly life or death.

We rejoice as our daughter has life in her again. We rejoice with those who recently gave their lives to Christ. I love my daughter but I tell you the truth – there is more hope in those who gave their lives to Christ than in Kristen’s healing! Not because she doesn’t matter, not because baby Evelyn doesn’t matter – ABSOLUTELY NOT! She is my precious child and that is my grandchild! But someday, Kristen’s life as it was here on earth will cease and so will Evelyn’s. Their healing is temporary. Someday life will give out. But because Kristen had once chosen to accept the gift that God has freely given us. Before that was really when her life truly hung in the balance.

We pray for healing. Which is very good. We are grateful for your prayers for our daughter’s healing. We want her to be here with us and our granddaughter to be with us!

But praying for the healing of one’s soul is of utmost importance. What good would it do if you lived to be hundred only to close off your heart to God?

It is a matter of life and death.

I pray you choose life.

Thank you, precious friends for standing in the gap for our girls!



May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!