When the Master need only to whisper

I remember watching his fingers as they curled around that violin. They seemed to be created to fit perfectly around the neck and to move with such grace that the result was an expression, a language that made his instrument sing.


We had brought in this gifted violinist to play on a CD project of mine and when he arrived he asked for his music. I told him I wouldn’t give him sheet music. None. He was a concert violinist, he played with the best symphony musicians. He was used to performing what was asked of him, what was in front of him.

But I knew that God had created this man and those hands for a purpose and it was to give expression to a human emotion that had no language…I saw for myself what he was created to do.

He questioned why there wouldn’t be sheet music. I explained to him that I wanted him to “hear” what the song needed, to feel, to have the freedom to simply do what he was created to do.

A smile swept over his face.

He replied with a devilish grin, “I don’t usually get an opportunity to do so.”

We let him listen to the song and a couple of measures in, he tucked his instrument -this friend, this extension of himself, under his chin, raised his bow, closed his eyes and began to sweep every musician in the room off their feet.

You wanted to watch him.

And you wanted to close your eyes and be swallowed by this immense beauty.

It was as if his soul was dancing.

It was worship.

I was overcome, we all were, it was incredible.

When we are doing what we were created to do it is as if our soul dances to a rhythm that was written just for us.

It isn’t just that way with performers and musicians. It’s that way when I watch my dad as he examines the corn crop. I see it in my daughter as she rocks her sweet boy to sleep, I hear it the voice of my pastor as he teaches the Word of God. I see it in my mom as she kneads bread, always making sure her house is a welcoming home. I benefit from it when an encourager speaks hope into my life. There is contentment when you recognize your specific calling. There is a sense of feeling so alive, so united with the Holy Spirit when you operate as this most gifted violinist operated that day…free to do what he was created to do.

I once heard it told that when we are doing what we were created for…the Master need only speak in a whisper.

There is no quaking of the earth, no loud measures, no shrill commands or jolting questioning…you simply know and accept…this is how I glorify God.

It may be that you are wiping runny noses with endless loads of laundry, or sitting on the board of a fortune 500 company…what you do has an impact on eternity. It isn’t about how successful you are in the world’s view, or fame or prestige, power or even pleasing others …its about fulfilling the purpose you were created for.

The Master created you, fashioned you, for a purpose that you were meant to fulfill, that only you can fulfill.

It is a glorious thing to find that place where the Master need only speak in a whisper.




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!