When will I see redemption?

Reposting a popular post today that was written last year:

Eight years ago tonight I walked toward a man that most everyone had given up on. I have to admit, there were many times, I wanted to give up too. I couldn’t imagine how God could clean up the mess we’d made and I couldn’t fathom how He would be glorified. I’d waited. I’d hoped. And oh, how I had wept and prayed and wept and prayed some more.

When would I see redemption?

How long oh, Lord?20120417_KB_0466

It was an endless path of looking for that day –

After twenty two years and a million tears and a thousand prayers.
God did slop up the mess. He was slopping it up all along.

He was glorified.


Not for the sake of condemnation.
Certainly not because of any good thing that any of us did
or because I cried all those tears and prayed all those prayers.

It came because of His tender mercy and grace.
We didn’t do anything to deserve it.

And still, to this day, it is completely because of God’s grace that we can even stand, let alone move among our struggles, fears and sorrows.

It was and will always be the response of our sufferings and losses that proclaim His glorious mercy.

My voice is heard best when it is crying out of a broken heart rather than a place of comfort and complacency.


Our testimony is felt the deepest because of our sorrows, not simply that we longed for our redemption. For what is our redemption? Is it being set free from this world? Is it being set free from discomfort or want?

I have learned that no one on this earth will really understand the ache or wounds of my heart. But Christ does understand and He invites Himself into my sufferings and sorrows. When I feel the depravity of this world slap against my soul I far better understand just how far the love of God is willing to reach.

It’s been a long journey since that night – when God wove the broken lives of two people back together again. It’s been a twisted, jagged, sometimes even plains and sometimes slippery slope of a journey.

There had been a tearing and a shredding…such pain and anguish.

And there still is.

In all of our trials and the stripping away that God continually allows it is still His grace and mercy that is so keenly felt. It’s so much more understood now and not because of  answered prayer. Certainly not! It has come because of immense loss and suffering…that continues.

There is much in life today I’d rather not know, I’d rather give up on…I’d rather not go through…but that same grace and mercy is still weaving, it is still permeating through every nook and cranny of every thing that so often doesn’t make sense.

Redemption is profound but it is the suffering that He allows that causes us to pant after that redemption – which is fully His unending grace given freely to us.

It is costly this sharing of sorrows.
It is so very costly this dying to self.
Grace and mercy cost Christ His life.
Eight years ago tonight I walked towards my beloved, he was a restored man.
It wasn’t condemnation that brought on surrender or us to our knees…
it was this wooing of our broken souls to His beckoning deliverance – He had rescued us from ourselves.

We will never step one inch away from that need.

So if it is redemption you are looking and waiting for –

if it is relief from the sorrows and trials and agony of life,

if it is the answer to a  prayer that you’ve prayed a million times

then your eyes will grow tired in your looking and waiting and searching…

Because the most glorious, profound grasp upon your heart from His unchanging hand…
He has already extended to you:

undeserved grace
and unmitigated mercy.

Your redemption has already taken place.

That is the crux of His unchanging, most profound message to us:

My grace is sufficient for Thee.





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!