When Winter Take’s it’s Toll on Your Mind and Your Animals

Dear Winter,

I’m afraid it’s not working out any more. You see, your bitter cold and your biting winds have wreaked havoc in the barn. I’ve held four dead babies in the past six days and had to haul away my best doe, our biggest producer and said good-bye to our oldest buck. No matter what we’ve done, no matter what precautions we’ve taken…death has been the norm for each day and quite frankly, I am over it.

And just so you know, I’m not alone. The farm vet who was out today, informed me that this is the norm…everyone is having issues and there has been tremendous loss.

I love the glistening snow. I adore the way snowflakes fall into the silence.

It is breathtaking when the trees are dolloped with huge mounds of white.

And the way everything sparkles in the moon light and sunshine…stunning.

But your bitterness and your obstinate insistence upon sub zeros temps that dip dangerously low  – it’s just not worth it any more.

I appreciate you. I respect you.

But that’s as far as we can take this relationship.

I’m more into sun-drenched ground and warmth that provides life rather than stiff animals.

I am looking for something a little more sustainable and do-able.

I’m wanting a little less intensity and a whole lot more agreeable.

I want to be able to move without twenty extra pounds of clothes on and I want to feel my toes again.

I want to pick up eggs from the henhouse that aren’t frozen…even when heat is on them!

I want fountains that aren’t frozen and fresh water for all the animals without having to haul it in…every single day, twice a day.

I want more than our frigid relationship.

So, I’m hoping you will choose to move on cause I’ve got my eyes on Mr. Spring.

He is lookin’ oh, so good to me right now.

It was fun through the holidays – we had some laughs, we had some fun.

But when you turned on me – when you helped to facilitate the senseless deaths of so many animals…

well, I gotta say, I’m done.

You made me think in ways I haven’t before. You made me consider moving away from the glory of four seasons. You brought me to my knees, Winter and I feel as if you enjoyed every cruel moment.

So, if you please, would you graciously make way for Spring.

We’ll be looking forward to your appearance next year…after we’ve enjoyed hot, muggy, dog-days of summer.

But for now, I don’t want to think about you anymore.

I’ve experienced brain-freeze in ways one isn’t meant to.  I’ve resorted to venting on my blog in a way that is kinda scary.

I say, “Hallelujah,’ to the coming on of March and Spring and LIFE and good riddance to ‘ole man Winter!

Oh, my beloved Spring – I’m dreaming of you…

My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me. See! The winter is past; the rains are over and gone.” Song of Songs 2:10-11








May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!