When you can’t stop someone’s suffering

Reposting this from a year ago…Dad went home to heaven last November so a year ago, we were starting down a very hard road…but the end of this life brought him a perfected and glorious life-everlasting!

Things can stop, suddenly.

Life can change quickly.

Dad’s cancer had spread into his neck and the pressure on his spine and head was incredible.

Pain began to swallow him, consume and torment him.

Last week was a very hard week.

To see your beloved father, the grand ‘ole farmer suffer like he was…well, that is something no daughter, wife, grandchild…no one ever wants to encounter.

The pain is managed now and we are grateful for that. He isn’t going to get better and we aren’t asking for healing. We aren’t asking for more weeks, months or years…we are asking the Lord the same request as the old farmer…

he wants to go home. And though home on the farm is hopefully, where he’ll get to go to soon, he wants to go HOME.

The Lord knows the number of his days, He knows the moment the heart he set to beating will cease, will stop, when the pain will end, when life here on this earth will be finished…

’til then, we are waiting.

1072548_10153091255665145_485092644_oIt was hard last week not to question. Why would God want him to suffer?

Why do we have to suffer at all?

But if there is no want of human flesh, if there is no desire to see relief, if there is that tunnel vision that takes place —you know where you forget to pay bills, your laundry doesn’t get done, blogs don’t get written, e-mails don’t get returned, life stops…you are consumed with what is at hand and what’s been at hand is great suffering…

but if there isn’t those moments, then how would we know that God is pressing into us, He’s carrying us.

If there was no need for mercy, then we wouldn’t understand the point of suffering, we’d never get that suffering purges, concentrates our thoughts…we have this incredible need and we beg, plead for relief from the sorrow, the circumstance, even the pain of cancer.

The distractions cease. All else seems to fade away. We focus on that pain and we press in to God.

Our suffering makes us long for home, it reminds us that this world ISN’T our home, nor is it meant to be the place where we are fulfilled. We are only at rest when we are in the presence of God and when we are fully in His presence, then we will fully know freedom from any pain or sorrow.

That’s what Dad is ready for.

He’s ready to be in the presence of holiness.

For just a little while, just a while longer, then freedom comes…

 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. II Cor. 4:17




May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!