God Doesn’t Give Me More Than I Can Handle??

Someone might tell you when you feel like the world is caving in that God will not give you more than you can handle. I don’t know who came up with that originally but why wouldn’t God give you more than you can handle? It happens to me all the time – life gets incredibly hard, people make it difficult, disappoint comes and things seem to pile one upon the other until a breaking point…”I can’t handle this alone, I need you, God to step in.” If God only gave me what I could handle on my own then why in the world would I ever recognize my vast need for him? Beyond my need for redemption, beyond my need for forgiveness for my sins, I am weak and fragile in this harsh world and without God, I don’t stand a chance.

Absolutely, God will allow some hardships that have come, filtered through his hands of love. It may not seem so loving. It may seem cruel, but always, He does what is most loving for us. If we break under the pressure, if we recognize that we cannot do anything in our own strength for very long, or if cannot stop the emotions of despair…then, eventually, hopefully, we cry out to Him – recognizing how we truly cannot do ANYTHING without Him.  We can try, we can strive, we can exhaust our self, but sooner or later, we discover how empty and hollow our spirit will become without dependence upon the God who created us.

This world is a fallen world. Sin has entered and really awful things happen to people.  It isn’t because God doesn’t care, its because the enemy of God is at work. He seeks to destroy. His goal is death. His goal is for us to think that God doesn’t care, that we can handle things on our own, that if God were really a loving God, then you wouldn’t have need to call out to Him…but we do. I do. Every time I reach the end of myself, I realize just how much of myself I’ve been dependent upon. I look around at all that is frustrating me, that is causing the deepest sorrows and I realize just how much of it I’ve held onto and how much it I’ve attempted to deal with on my own.

Empty yourself today and surrender those things, those people, those situations that you cannot control and cannot stand one more day. Relinquish your thinking that you should and could handle things on your own. You weren’t mean to. If God has allowed more than you can handle ….He’s calling out to you…He’s given you more than you more than what seems like your fair share of tribulation so that you will be willing to hand it all over to Him…everything…every bit of it, every bit of yourself. Surrender and stop thinking you can handle it on your own, because you will eventually discover, that you cannot.





May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!