When your soul cries out

When your soul cries out, when the deepest anguish rises from the pit of your stomach, the pit of your soul, when you beg God to intervene…to save a child, save a marriage, heal, restore, redeem, rescue…He listens, He is there.

And you have howled with your hoarse voice with cries that can no longer be stifled. Weakness overcomes as sheer helplessness reduces you to a heap on the floor.



When you feel broken in a million pieces and you can’t find one single piece that is whole any longer…He lifts them off the ground, out of your hands.

When you think you have disappointed everyone around you and have failed to the point of being forsaken and labeled by everyone…He still calls you his beloved.

When you have no idea where to turn or how any of this will work out, when hope seems to have faded away completely…He still causes the sun to rise each morning, breath to fill your lungs.

When you realize that you are desperate, desperate for God, that you will fail and wander away from Him over and over…He never tires of wooing you back to Him.

“I see your pain, I see your doubt, I haven’t forgotten you. There is nothing you can do that will cause my love to change for you. I fought for you, I gave my life for you. My love is pure, my love has rescued you…let me take the broken in your life.”

He will call upon me, and I will answer him, I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
Psalm 91:15

I hear from so many women who are hurting, some who have to leave their home. Some have prayed for their husbands for years and years. Many have children who are caught in the middle. They so desperately want God to come and rescue, redeem and restore. Today, I tucked a friends little girl into her car seat. She had fallen asleep in my arms. Her other precious daughter, was strapped into her seat. I spoke encouragement and reminded her that God would be with her, I prayed for her and we held onto one another as she wept. She’s heading home to see family, out-of-state for a few days. Her husband has left. She is broken in a million pieces. Her soul cries out. Her heart aches. Her little girls are stressed and confused. Another marriage that I’m hoping God will restore. Another glimpse of how fragile life is and how it can change so quickly. The Lord is our hope, it is her only hope. But by hoping in God and God alone, you place your million pieces and broken heart into the hands of a Creator who is not only long-suffering, kind and gentle with his sheep, He is also the majestic lion…He will fight for you. The God who spoke earth, moons, stars, every life into existence cares, he will move every one of them to get to your million pieces. He will move on your behalf.

God move among your people, move among the hearts of man. We cry out with desperate pleas ….we are a broken and needy people. You are our only hope.
No matter what you are facing, God will be your constant. It seems as if everyone and everything has failed you…and it’s so hard to trust that God would intervene when you aren’t even so sure that He still sees you, let alone truly cares. But we have a tainted view. We are weakened by all of our wounds. We are attempting to see God through human eyes – placing upon Him, conditional values and attributes that are so…human. We cannot comprehend His holiness and His goodness. Especially when our soul is aching, we have difficulty seeing Him as loving towards us. But even when we don’t trust Him, even when we fear that He is no longer in life with us…it doesn’t sway Him, bother Him or influence His love for us. The bottom line is that we are free to grieve, weep and wail and God doesn’t back off from us. He doesn’t slowly turn and walk away like maybe some others have done in your life…
Don’t wait one more day to seek the Lord. Let this be the day that you place your trust completely in Him. Let this be the year you set your heart in alignment with His each morning by spending time in His Word. Even if you don’t feel like it, even if you don’t feel anything…keep pressing in…keep taking that wearied soul into His presence.
Let this be the day that you begin to walk with the One who has saved you. Rise up, weary soul. Know that His eyes are upon you.
Allow Him to be the lifter of your chin.


May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!