Where is Your Truth Source; Have Blogs Replaced Your Time in the Word?

So there we were, slurping our milkshakes, sitting in bed, my husband reading and me…well, I was balancing my laptop on my lap, slurping the calories down with a straw and realizing…I’m yet again, writing, hoping women will read and be able to identify while not knowing if they do…or not.

Now this isn’t the norm, I don’t usually have a milkshake at bedtime but tonight…well, husband brought it and I couldn’t pass it up. Laptop, writing…that is the norm. I’ve logged a lot of hours trying to encourage women like you.

I’ve always tried to be extremely transparent, being willing to share as if  you and I were sitting on my back porch while steam rose from our coffee cups. I’d want you to feel at home and I would want you to know that I sincerely care. The older I get the faster time lapses and the deeper my concern grows as I look around and see just how close we are to when the events in Revelation are no longer prophecy but reality.

Regardless of your view of eschatology, there is coming a final moment in your life and you will stand before God Creator. All the trials you’ve faced, all the good deeds you’ve done, your bank account, your family – will not be there and will not matter. You will stand alone. If you were with me on my porch and we were enjoying a sunny day and wonderful conversation. I would pray that God would allow me the opportunity to talk to you about the Gospel if I doubted your salvation.

I’ve attempted to offer you hope within your marriage, for your children and with the hard moments that just don’t make sense. But if I don’t offer you the Gospel then I might as well put down my laptop, pick up my milkshake and gain a lot of hours in my day by not writing these blogs.

The most important words I will ever offer you is this: For God so loved the world that he gave his only son – for you. Jesus died for you because you are a sinner. It is impossible for you to have any communion or relationship with a Holy God. Christ became your sin so that you could be free from the wrath of God.

You cannot save yourself. I cannot save you. Individual’s perspective, wisdom and encouragement through books, blogs, words…they can be valuable. I’m thankful that God uses humans to speak His Word.  But if you spend more time reading blogs, including mine more than you spend reading God’s Word then you will starve spiritually.

I pray that the time I invest here on my laptop means something to you, that it has value to you. I appreciate those of you who take the time to let me know from time to time how you are encouraged or when you identify with a certain piece. As long as I’m lead to do so, I’ll keep investing here.

The bottom line in all that I say – in a thousand different ways is this:  God loves you, cares for you, sees you and will see you through your trials…the best way for you to believe that is to go straight to His Word and find out for yourself! I’m afraid we’ve become a culture that would rather have someone else do the chewing on the real meat, the labor over the truth and then spit it back out to us in a simple, easily digested manner. We can be tempted to pick and choose our way through short snip its of wee-bit, mini feel-good teachings rather than go to the source of the Word our self. I can be just as guilty. No one loves a novel, a good analogy, story, blog or anecdote that helps apply Scripture to life more than I do….but the Bible is the errant, anointed, infallible, living Word of God. Every comma, every word, every single vowel, every stroke of man’s inspired pen…is just as God desired. 

Think about your eternity today. Just what if this was your last day on earth – where would you find yourself in the next moment after your last breath? With that thought – where would you have wanted to invest most of your time in regards to filling your heart and mind with truth? Blogs are wonderful – I’m be stupid to say don’t come back and stop reading. But I also would be wrong if I didn’t remind you that all that you need you will find with one source – that Bible that often gathers dust on your dresser. If you were sitting with me on my back porch and you were struggling, I wouldn’t run in the house, grab my lap top and take you through all my hundreds of blogs. I wouldn’t have you read all the magazine articles, the two books or Bible studies that my writing has labored through. I would bring out my worn out Bible, open it, turning to the pages that were relevant for your situation and show you TRUTH – God’s truth – written just for you.

So, let’s both get off of here and be filled with HIS WORD!

Much love, grace and peace to you dear friend.








May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!