Why there’s a need for sheep to collide!

Yesterday I spoke of the moments I’ve had this past year – when every breath seemed labored with intensity – not because there was an issue with my physical capacity to take in air but because of my heart’s capacity to take in more sorrow.

I hear things like my statement above from a lot of women. They are weary, wounded, feeling forgotten, unsure of where they fit in but they really, really want to move along and find some peace and know that they are loved.

Dealing with the mess, the yuck and the sorrow of life is something we aren’t afraid of at Bloom Ministry. Because life can beat you up and leave you bleeding and sometimes it seems like no one will stop, get out of their fast moving train of life and actually bandage you…get dirty with your problems, take the time to truly listen. Not everyone is in need of intensive Biblical counseling (although it is a good thing) sometimes, you just need someone who truly cares and doesn’t look at you like you are too big a mess or simply a project. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are someone’s service project…cause you aren’t something to be fixed you are some ONE to be loved.


Lisa, my partner in ministry (her official title is: Director of Counseling) and I have spent two years pouring into any woman the Lord brought across our path. Our greatest prayer was that God would take us deep…take us, personally to a place where we would truly trust Him with everything He would ask of us. We trusted Him to grow the breadth as we sought to grow the depth of our individual relationship with Him. Little did either of us realize just how much sorrow and pain God was going to allow in our lives so that “depth” would indeed, prepare us as we ministered to women.

And we have been on our faces before the Lord and He has made it clear that we are to be diligent with the work that He has called us to – to be faithful in equipping women – those fattened sheep – to be motivated and mobilized throughout the community to minister to other women. And to be faithful in walking alongside the wearied and wounded. We call it a grand and glorious sheep collision…when sheep reach out to other sheep.


  • We are a virtual support system for women all over the world.  From all different social, cultural and economic backgrounds, women have found a place where she can receive prayer, encouragement and truth. Our on-line resources and studies are utilized by thousands of women from places like Australia, Africa, Central America, Dominican Republic and Mexico.
  • Offer three continually cycling Bible studies for women:
  1. Women Equipping Women – helping the fattened sheep be better equipped, utilize the power and strength of the Holy Spirit while using their God-given passions, talents and gifts to serve within the Body of Christ.
  2. Do You See Me – An intensive study for women who need to better understand who God is and who she is in Christ. Helps a woman overcome the shame, fear, and control, lies of the enemy, sorrow a events from the past that can paralyze her relationship and perspective of God.
  3. Wife-ology vs. Theology – A Biblical study on what God intended when he created a help-meet for man.
  • Offer free counseling to women who need a season of wisdom and Biblical perspective.
  • Bloom Nites are held twice a month in Greenwood, giving women a place where they can partake in worship, teaching, fellowship and establish relationships with other women fostering a Titus II mentality and mentoring opportunities.
  • Time of Refreshment Retreats held yearly for praying wives, giving these women who are in crisis marriages a weekend of hope and rest.
  • Speaking/teaching at women’s events, retreats, etc.
  • Day of Hope Event is coordinated and implemented by the participants of each Women Equipping Women class as a practicum to put into practice what they have learned, giving them an opportunity to serve the community and foster relationships with women in the area. It also gives women with unique ways of serving an opportunity to utilize their gifts, building their confidence as a needed part of the Body of Christ.

What we do is love others. What we want to be known for is our love for God. What we hope to accomplish is exactly what the Lord desires to accomplish.

We have never asked for any financial help and mostly never told anyone else of our needs financially. God has shown up …mostly in the eleventh hour to increase our faith but never once has He not provided. We’ve held events and gone places and trusted Him for help and volunteers and through it all He has not only been steadfast and faithful but He has caused us to believe in Him for great things – for things beyond our comprehension.

Since I can no longer rely on any other income (see yesterday’s blog if you really want to know) and because we want to be able to equip, encourage and reach more women…we are, for the first time, asking for others to join us in any way they feel led – by praying, volunteering, giving financially, offering their time and talents…we need help…we need the sheep to be willing to collide with other sheep right along with us. We’ve added the donate button to the right and we are a 501(c)3 non-profit and the only way we can continue to grow and to reach more wounded and weary sheep is if more sheep are willing to help us. We’ve trusted God this far and we trust Him for what’s ahead…with our personal lives and our work with women.  No matter what it looked like for the day – putting a women up in a hotel so she would be safe, sitting with a mom who had just lost her child, counseling a woman in a crisis marriage, helping a woman navigate the deep waters of depression or helping a mature believer step out in faith utilizing her gift…we’ve been blessed to watch God’s hand move in our lives as well as the lives of hundreds of women.

Or, if you want to join us for one of our studies, Bloom Nites, one of our events or invite us to speak at your event…let us know, we are here to serve you any way we can.

In the midst of great sorrow and at times, intense trials, God continues to bless me with opportunities to serve and love others. There is no greater joy that I have than sharing my faith and God’s story of love in our lives.  He truly has allowed unspeakable beauty from the ash heap of many sorrows.

While my family continues to deeply grieve the loss of my beloved niece, we covet your prayers. We ask that you pray for her husband and her two very young babies…it’s just so very hard for us to let go of her even though we know she is sitting at the feet of Jesus.

May God be glorified in all that we do and speak.






May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!