Is it worth it, does it matter, do you matter…

I want to encourage you. You, who feel as if it doesn’t matter what you do…you, who wonder if you are on the right track because it’s gets so hard sometimes.

You – who thought all along, you’ve been doing the right thing, keeping your nose to the grind, doing what God has called you to do…even though most days, you wonder if it’s worth it.

It would be easier to give up.

It would be easier to seek an easier road. One that isn’t so twisted and treacherous.


But maybe God didn’t call you to easy. Maybe God called you to exactly what you’ve been doing.

You wonder why, by now, things aren’t easier, a lot easier.  You wonder at times, what’s the point. Why do you care so much. Does anyone else?

It doesn’t matter what others think or what others live or if they appreciate what you are doing or even notice.

You won’t always understand, as a matter of fact, rarely, will you understand what God is doing.

That doesn’t mean He wants you confused.

It means He wants you to trust Him.

You aren’t being prepared to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. This life isn’t about getting all that you can, dropping wishes into a bucket and simply checking them off one by one…

it’s more than your dreams and more than your vision.

It’s what God wants to do with you.

That’s farther than  you could ever imagine.

You aren’t a mistake, you’re not a random collection of cells and you’re not some have-loved, mediocre child of God.

Whether you admit it or realize it or want to acknowledge it…you were created out of love.

He loves you.

You are meant to be strong in His strength. Draped with compassion and grace. You are meant to be a warrior, fierce with His power. You are meant to speak confidently. You were not made for fear or defeat. You were not designed to collapse and cower.

You may be broken-

You may know sorrow and adversity –

You may loneliness, scorn and rejection –

But you are strong.





And God has placed you here – now – with all that is going on in your life because there is plan and purpose for the here and the now. It isn’t random, it isn’t a mistake. You weren’t born too early or too late…you are right where you are because God planted you here. Now.

Everything is fitting together, just as He knew it would. God doesn’t make mistakes. He hasn’t lost control and He hasn’t stopped seeing you, hearing you, loving you.

It’s not out of control.

Though it may seem as if everything is spinning and wildly headed for the steep ravine…

God knows exactly what is going on.

So, now is not the time to shrink back. It isn’t time to feel defeated and complete despair. It is time to gird yourself, realizing the full power that you have.

You only see the circumstance and the pain.

You only feel the hurt inside.

You cannot possibly know all that God is doing, the ways He is working things out around you or the ways He is working in the people around you.

Though much of it doesn’t make sense, you can trust Him.

You might not be able to trust anyone else right now but you can trust the God who wove you together and celebrated at His creation and rejoiced the day you took your first breath. He’s still rejoicing over you. He still considers you beloved. No matter who you feel about yourself. No matter if you don’t want to keep going…keep breathing …keep placing one foot in front of the other.

He’s got this.

Maybe it hasn’t been easy. Maybe it’s been excruciatingly painful and sorrow-filled and frustrating and exhausting. That doesn’t mean you’ve done it all wrong. It doesn’t mean you have failed. It doesn’t mean God isn’t in it.

It means He’s called you to a place of trust amid the hard things, the pressed times and the times of drought.

You are right where He needs you to be.

So press in, deeper still.

Consider that power that He’s given you. Not your power – not your human strength – not your gifts, talents, abilities and magnetic personality – HIS STRENGTH.

You cannot realize or utilize His strength until you’ve exhausted yours.

You don’t know how much you need Him until you come to the end of yourself.






May friendship, encouragement and grace abound!